There are without a doubt many beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Like Hawaii, some of them have palm trees, pretty beaches and warm, clear weather; most of them have fabulous resorts, five-star cuisine and fascinating histories.

What makes Hawaii special? The Hawaiian’s call it the Aloha Spirit, a philosophy of caring for and respecting visitors that distinguishes Hawaii, making you feel at home and wanting to return again and again.


The third largest Hawaiian island with 180 km of coastline, O'ahu is the most well known, developed and populated of all the Hawaiian islands. Its atmosphere is a blend of Western, Asian and Polynesian influences. Honolulu, the states capital is the focal point for tourists and is home to the famous Waikiki beach, one of the best known beaches in the world - bustling with shopping, restaurants and nightlife.


This beautiful island of Hawaii that presents a breadth of exhilarating outdoor activities , sights and entertainment.Discover more than 80 beaches along 193 km of picturesque shoreline and view the celebrated humpback whales during their winter migration. Voted "Best Island" by the readers of Conde Nast Traveller magazine for 19 years.


The least populated of Hawaii's for main islands. White sand beaches make up almost half the circumference with the 25 km long Napali Coast considered one of the worlds most stretches of shoreline.

Hawaii, The Big Island:

The largest and youngest of the Hawaiian islands. From Kau's desert plains to the rain forests above Hilo and the snow-caps of Mauna Kea, Hawaii Big island is as ecologically diverse as it is stunning.


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Images courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) Photographers © Tor Johnson, Dana Edmunds